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The Swedish five piece indie rock outfit Tyred Eyes have been quiet since releasing the ambitious short film project ARMS in 2015. They have now returned with the new track Friday that showcases the bands across-the-board influences; guitar focused and rough indie rock blended with a recently refined dynamic musicianship. At times mellow and smooth, at times screaming on top of her lungs, guitarist and lead vocalist Johanna Hellqvist’s voice is the glue that keeps the eclectic music together.

The video to Friday was created by Johan Stolpe who has previously worked with Francis and Amanda Bergman. We follow actress Moa Lorentzon during a day in an unnamed Swedish small town; exhibiting the monotony and repetitiveness of teenage boredom.

Reaching for a new sound and a development in musical style has been a constant signum for Tyred Eyes. Started as a garage punk trio by brothers Martin T Sahlin (guitar and vocals) and Erik Toresson Hellqvist (bass) in Gothenburg in 2009, the band has gone through various transitions. Drummer Joel Bjurbo has been a reliable backbone to the band since 2012, and with the inclusion of third guitarist, vocalist and nowadays principal songwriter Oscar Brask in 2014, the musical spectrum of the resurfaced Tyred Eyes has widened once again.


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